BeeTV APK – Latest Version for Android

Watch Your Favorite TV Show Or Movie On BeeTV APK

Today watching movies and series has become easier with a lot of android applications that are developed for this purpose. One such app is BeeTV APK which offers a large number of movies and television shows which can be streamed with good image quality. You need not wait for a long time. It provides a large number of titles including episodes and movies but BeeTV apk does not host any link. All the shows are provided with quality which is indicated in the stream. The videos can also be downloaded and you can watch it without any internet connection.  

Movies and Shows 

Downloading BeeTV APK provides you with a wide range of TV shows and movies that can be chosen by year or categories. The subtitles can also be added to any content you like. If you want to watch the videos offline, you can download your favorite movies or shows as well. You can also watch the videos via in-built video player or by using the external players like MX or VLC player. You can also create your favorite playlist which you would like to watch. You can use it on the various devices which are compatible like Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, or Amazon Fire Stick.

beetv apk movies screenshots

It is a crawler application and it crawls the video links of the media content. If you want to search for any type of movie it will provide you with a lot of links. BeeTV apk is compatible with android devices and not with the iPhone. It can easily be installed in the Android operating system. You can really enjoy any type of movie or show on BeeTV apk. The quality videos are offered on BeeTV apk and the fast streaming is possible on it. It has a huge collection of TV shows and movies of which the video links are available.

No registration

Whatever the new episode or movie comes, you will be updated about it. All the new shows can be watched on BeeTV apk. There is no need for any type of registration for using so credentials are not required for using this app. Just with a single click, you can download the videos. The categorization of the TV series and movies is categorized with genres like Trending, Adventure, Sci-Fiction, Newly released, Action and fantasy. There are also ads in BeeTV apk but these are really not annoying. You can also watch the recent TV series and movies from the Recent Tab.

Even if any movie or show is not available then it can also be requested. Chromecast and DLNA are also supported by BeeTV apk for the big screen. It is compatible with different Android operating devices such as Android SMART watch, KODI Android BOX, Android SMART, Fire TV, FireStick, Android Smartphone, Windows PC, and Fire Cube. There is a special request feature in BeeTV apk in which you can also play your request with the developers if any search is not coming up. So there is no need of the switching to the other platform even if you do not find any particular content. You get the content on a priority basis on BeeTV apk.

How to download BeeTV APK and install it on your Android device?

BeeTV APK supports all the android devices. Follow the given process for downloading BeeTV apk :

  1. Download BeeTV APK from Here and then go to the settings. 
  2. Tap Security and enable ‘Unknown Sources’.
  3. Then navigate File Manager or Download Manager, click on BeeTV apk.
  4. Then click on ‘Install’ and the app will start installing.
  5. When the app gets installed, then click on ‘Done’.
  6. The app must be launched and you can choose the video player to start streaming right away.

How to install BeeTV apk in Fire TV/Amazon Firestick?

  1. Open Firestick and then click on Settings.
  2. Click on ‘Device’.
  3. Then click on ‘Developer Options’.
  4. Tap on ‘Apps from Unknown sources’.
  5. Then Turn On button.
  6. Return to the home screen and then click the ‘search box’.
  7. Search ‘Downloader’ in the search box.
  8. Click on the ‘Downloader’ App and then in Downloader app, click on ‘open’.
  9. Tap ‘Allow’ which provides permission for downloading.
  10. Click on ‘OK’ and then click on the ‘settings button.
  11. Then Enable Javascript. Click on the browser.
  12. On the top click on the bar to write.
  13. Enter to download. You have to wait until the download process gets completed.
  14. Click on the Install and then click on Done.
  15. Then click on delete and then tap on delete again.
  16. Then return to the Home and go to your Apps and Channels. Click ‘see all’.
  17. When you scroll down, click on Bee TV, and then click on it. 
  18. Then move to the top.

To watch your desired movies and shows, BeeTV apk is a very good option for you. If you want to watch the good quality video content free on your device, BeeTV apk lets you watch it even on your tight schedules. It is amazing not just in the type of quality it provides but also the performance of the app. The best thing is that the content is searched in the High definition. A large number of people are using BeeTV apk for streaming TV shows and movies. The features of the BeeTV apk are amazing and high quality. The amazing collection of movies and shows makes it the desirable choice for those who love to watch all the latest shows and series. With the assistance of the partner websites, this application has all the latest popular TV shows and movies. So there is hardly any chance of shifting to other apps when you use BeeTV apk which is ad-free. The ads if there are also very less and are not annoying.

There is no sign-up and registration required. The interface of BeeTV apk is user friendly and it is very clean. The best thing which the users like about BeeTV apk is that it is free to and there are no hidden costs. Even for offline viewing, the movies and TV shows can be downloaded to your device. In the app, Chromecast support is also there. With the playback, subtitles are also provided. The advertisements won’t interrupt and disturb you while you watch your movie. You can also put the request to the developers for adding certain series or shows in the app if you are not able to get the search results, for installing BeeTV apk, no rooting of your android device is needed. You can easily download the application and use it anytime. 

HD Content 

To run BeeTV apk on your device, the android version should be higher than 5.0 and there should be 100 MB space requires in your device. Therefore, you must free 100mb space in your device. For streaming the movies and shows, a good internet connection is required so that you can watch the video without lagging or buffering. The RAM on your android device required is 1GB for playing the HD content. Also, make sure, you have turned on ‘Unknown sources’ and it is needed whenever you download 3rd party app in your device means it is not available on Google Play Store. Before the installation process is initiated, there should be the latest apk file on your android smartphone. If the installation is not working then always check if the ‘unknown sources’ are turned on.

Sometimes it may happen that you are not able to search for any TV show or movie, and then you must check your internet connection. If the internet connection is working totally fine, then the servers may be down for maintenance. Wait for the 24 hours before you try it again. But even after 24 hours, the same issue is coming then your ISP is blocked from the access to BeeTV apk. In such cases, reliable VPN services must be installed on your Android device before resuming BeeTV apk. If the TV show or movies are not available on the app, then head to the special section of BeeTV apk by requesting your desired movie or show with the developers. On this, the content will be shown on a priority basis.  

BeeTV apk does not have any copyrighted videos and it is a media search tool. It has no control over which media is taken down or put up. The maker of this app has no responsibility for how BeeTV apk is used. The BeeTV apk modules are the ‘addons’ which the users can install for finding the content they like. The modules are in the development and the currently available modules can be checked in the settings and then modules. You can also run BeeTV apk on PC with the Android emulator. You need not pay a single penny and just one permission is needed for the installation i.e. Unknown sources. It is malware-free Apk so BeeTV apk is free from any type of virus. Your device will be totally secure even after downloading the app.